Erica Parr is the founder of CLOSET REHAB established in 2017. In the span of a few months, she quit her six-figure corporate marketing job, sold her house, and traveled the US with her late dog Winston for over 100 days. During this time CLOSET REHAB was born as a means of purging and selling Erica's own closet to make room for new people, places and things to enter her life. And enter did they ever!

Since moving from Chicago to Pittsburgh, CLOSET REHAB has continued to evolve out of passion and necessity as has her personal closet. She believes less is more except when it comes to accessories!

"I’m a firm believer of keeping a simple closet with style staples that stand the test of time, treating myself to a few new items each season and always adding accessories to enhance my look."

Erica is now co-owner of 412 STYLE LAB, a fashion boutique collaboration space in downtown Sewickley, PA.

Today you can shop a range of uniquely designed, maximalist accessories for the minimalist closet.